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March News

Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday, March 13th school is closed to the students. If you haven't done so already please contact either Marji or Julie to schedule your time for a conference. We keep it short, 20 minutes, and it is very worthwhile to see how your child is doing.

For the older students the teachers will discuss fine and gross motor skills, knowledge of letters and numbers, ability to focus, friendships, along with other topics. For those of you going on to TK or Kindergarten it is nice to know what you could work on at home or... oh my gosh, my child is ready!

For the little ones it is nice to hear how they are getting along with their peers and their teachers, how their listening skills are and how much they have progressed from the beginning of the school year; which is usually quite a lot!

St. Patrick's Day Parties

St. Patrick’s Day Parties are just around the bend! Have fun with all that green and don’t be surprised if those naughty little leprechauns are up to no good here at P&C!

Pajama Days

Pajama Days are so much fun! Let your child come to school wearing their pajamas and robes (if it is cold). We love the bed heads that walk in too! If your child is apprehensive just bring the pajamas in their backpack and they can change into them as soon as they see their friends have come to school that way. Please still have your children wear sneakers for safety.

Along with Pajama Days we are also collecting pajamas for those children in need. Please look for the flier that will go home with your child. We are supporting the Pajama Program with new pajamas and or new books. The older teens are especially in need of these valuable gifts.


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