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For over 75 years, we have encouraged children to discover the joys of learning through their own interest, at their own pace, all while supported with the deepest respect for their dignity and worth.


At Parents & Children, we believe wholeheartedly in PLAY - both free and structured - as the most effective way of learning.

"Ideas come from curiosity."


-Walt Disney 

Nurture Curiosity.

Encourage Creativity.

Facilitate Responsibility.

Instill Self-Esteem.

Support Participation.

Through play, children learn to socialize, and in doing so, develop the ability to effectively communicate, negotiate, cooperate, and ultimately, understand and accept that they are a part of a greater community.  Through exploration, they develop critical thinking skills and a natural love for learning.


Through play, children develop a deeper connection with the world and readiness skills that lead to greater success, emotional happiness and stability later in life. 

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