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January News

Thank You!

Thank you Miss J' for organizing our successful toy drive for the children at City of Hope and Huntington Hospital. Thank you again to the families who donated so generously. We were able to make a lot of children and young adults happy in a trying time.

We hope that your holiday season was filled with joy and love. Here is to wishing for a new year that is filled with peace and hope for the future.

School Photos

By this time I'm sure a lot of you have received your child's photos ,from Mugsy Clicks. We love seeing them too so please do share! Hopefully you are happy with them.

Registration 2020

You will receive a registration form next week for next fall if your child is returning or if you have a sibling that is ready to join us then. If you do not receive a form by January 15th and need one please let Miss Marji or Miss Julie know. As is stated on the form, you will get whatever you request for your child.

Fire Drills

We have started doing fire drills once a month and will go back and forth from Friday to Thursday. This month will be on Thursday the 23rd. The children do really well with it. It is a low key approach that we use but the children understand the importance of following their teacher's directions.

Shelter Animals

Miss Jennifer through the year helps a Burbank Animal Shelter by bringing them blankets, dog beds, towels, leashes, anything that helps the animals be more comfortable while they await adoption. If you have any items (used) that you would like to donate, please bring them and Miss Jennifer will take them to the shelter.


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