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Parents and Children’s is run by a parent board. We would like you to know who those wonderful and tireless people are:

President: Barbara Stratte (Ashby is in Miss Conny's Class) Secretary: Maria Betular Wren (Violet is in Miss Conny's Class) Volunteer Coordinator: Stacy Garnica (no children here this year yet but her older daughters went here and she will have her younger son here soon!) Treasurer: Nan Sampath (Rohit is in Miss Marianne's Class) Fall Festival Chair: Melissa Patchett Kondor (Frankie is in Miss Marianne's Class)

Spring Festival Chairs: Sarah Stark (Liam is in Miss Barbara's Class) and Celestine Joo (Pria is in Miss Pam's Class)


We hope to see you on October 7th for our first fundraiser but even if you can’t make it that morning there is still a chance to win a raffle prize. The flyer and raffle tickets have been sent home with your child and are due by October 5th, please remember this is a mandatory obligation. We hope you can join us, it will be fun!


We will have three days of students and their classes being photographed here in the park area beginning October 16th. We have a photographer that we love who works with Mugsy Clicks so all ordering will be done online and you will be given a special access code to view the pictures before ordering. They are always fantastic.

You will be notified which day is your child's day. Rest assured that we do not paint on those days so you can dress your child in nicer clothes without fear!


We love Halloween! The stories, the songs, the artwork, hearing about the costumes, the excitement!

We do not have a Halloween parade however, and ask that your children do not wear their costumes to school (we would get paint all over them anyway!). Some children are frightened by the costumes and some are not appropriate for the climbing and running so we just say no! However, if your child would like to share their costume, we encourage that. Please make sure it is labeled and in a labeled bag or a backpack so it doesn’t get lost or dirty.

Speaking of labeling things…please remember to write your child’s name on everything they bring to school.


Miss Jennifer through the year helps a Burbank Animal Shelter by bringing them blankets, dog beds, towels, leashes, anything that helps the animals be more comfortable while they await adoption. If you have any items (used) that you would like to donate, please bring them and Miss Jennifer will take them to the shelter.


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