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December News

Thanksgiving Feasts

Our Thanksgiving Feasts were adorable as usual. Thank you to all who were here and participated.

Courtney Campbell

Singer/storyteller Courtney Campbell was here Tuesday and Wednesday to sing and make your children laugh. It was a good time as usual. We love our Courtney! I’m pretty sure we can have her back again towards the end of the school year.

Holiday Shelter Drive

Thank you Miss Jennifer for always helping animals in need (especially dogs). We will be continuing to collect items to help the Burbank Shelter. During the cold months they are particularly in need of dog beds, blankets and towels to cuddle up with. Also good items to give include leashes, dog food bowls, un-opened food. We are asking for gently used items not new things unless you feel compelled. We thank you in advance!

Winter Break

We will be having all sorts of holiday fun here for the next three weeks. Our Winter Parties will be on Tuesday, December 20th and Wednesday, December 21st. Wednesday, December 21st we will be closing at 1:00. Please be prompt in picking up your children. The Parents and Children’s staff needs to get ready for their holiday party! Happy Holidays and New Year to everyone!

Enrichment Programs

When we return to school on January 9th all enrichment programs except for Phonics, will be beginning a new session. We will send home the new forms Monday and Tuesday. We will assume your child is continuing in what they are presently taking, unless you tell us otherwise. Phonics will continue with its first session through January 31st.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Please mark your calendars for our Parent-Teacher Conferences on Friday, January 27th. There is no school for children that day in order to have the parents come in and talk with their child’s teacher. If it doesn’t work with your schedule, we can accommodate you on another day. Please call after the holidays to schedule your appointment. The conferences are just twenty minutes long so please be prompt. Child care is not provided. If you don’t have anyone available to watch your child while you are here, see if you can schedule your time right after or before a school friend’s; that way you can take turns watching each other’s children in the yard while the other one has their conference.

We still have openings for Hot Lunch sponsorships just in case anyone is interested??? It’s $50.

Julie's Tradition

Dear parents,We have a lot of traditions this time of year. My husband and I continue them for our grandchildren, and I’m not sure who enjoys it more! The joy and memories that they bring puts smiles on our faces as much as the kids! A new tradition that my niece started is seeing where candy canes are made. The taste test of warm candy canes will not be forgotten JIf you have ever wondered who makes all those handmade candy canes check out:Logan’s Candies125 West “B” Street, Ontario, CA 91762 909-984-5410Handmade gourmet candies since 1933Visit their website at for times and demos.


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