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April News

Spring Festival

Be on the lookout for more information coming via email and by your child regarding our spectacular Spring Festival! We not only have a variety of fun things for the children to do but we also have a Silent Auction as well. It will be a day where there is something for everyone! To make the day successful we need our parent volunteers; don't be's fun work! We will be grilling hotdogs or grilled cheese sandwiches this year for lunch! We hope you can make it because it is sure to be a great day.

Crazy Hair Days

We are having Crazy Hair Days on the 17th and 18th this month. Every year we see such creative ideas from the parents. Some children prefer the traditional bed head look, some put plastic insects in there hair, some are full of colored ribbons and some with just a lot of color sprayed in. You get the idea, have some fun with it!

Summer Camp

We still have plenty of room in all weeks of summer camp. We take payments as you go so don't worry about that part. Sign ups are easy on the website.

Eye Screenings

Every year we have eye screenings on the four year old side of school done by the La Canada Women's Club. They are checking for amblyopia (lazy eye) and also doing a vision test to see whether your child might need to go to an optometrist. The women that do the testing are really good with the children and it is a no stress situation because they are with their friends. We will be having this service performed on the 11th.


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