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December News

Brown Bag Lunch Days

By the time you are reading this you should have received a brown bag invitation from your child. The two classes who play on the yard together will be sharing lunchtime together with parents. Hopefully you can get away for a lunch break and if not maybe a friend, aunt, uncle, grandparent can come in. If not the teachers will make sure your child feels loved so don't worry! It's a nice way to mingle with the other parents and the teachers.

Done in a Day Dads

Thank you dads for a successful first Done in a Day! We appreciate all the digging out, the digging up and the installing! We will schedule another day sometime in the Spring.

School Photos

Our school photo days went amazingly well! Jan Easter is the photographer that does such a wonderful job getting the children to relax and be themselves. I can't wait to see the photos! You will receive an envelope or paper that has a couple photos of your child on it but they very rarely are the best ones. Also on the envelope you will be given a code and told where to find the photos online. After you place your order it usually only takes a couple weeks to receive them.

Heads up!


Every year Parents and Children’s closes classes for one day so we can meet with the parents and let you know about your child’s progress, abilities, friendships and a lot more! Please mark your calendar for that closure. Again, it is on the website calendar, but we also want to make sure you are aware way ahead of time. Conferences will be Friday, January 26th .

We still have openings for Hot Lunch sponsorships just in case anyone is interested??? It’s $50.


Miss Jennifer through the year helps a Burbank Animal Shelter by bringing them blankets, dog beds, towels, leashes, anything that helps the animals be more comfortable while they await adoption. If you have any items (used) that you would like to donate, please bring them and Miss Jennifer will take them to the shelter.


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