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May News

Spring Festival

Thank you all who supported Parents and Children’s at our last fundraiser, the Spring Festival!We hope you and your families had a good time.Our final numbers are not in as far as the Silent Auction portion but it looks like we did well in raising money for a couple fun projects and some much needed care for our beautiful facility.

I want to take a moment to thank a few people who helped so much.Barbara Stratte (Ashby and Carson’s mom) and Celestine Joo (Pria’s mom); thank you for mailing and following up with donations we were asking for. Also Celestine, thank you for putting together all the flowers!

Michele Hughes Hayes (Catherine’s mom); thank you for going out on your own and collecting such fabulous auction items.

Stacy Garnica (Sammi’s mom); thank you for spending the whole festival signing off our volunteers and answering a million questions.Also Staci, thank you for staying and helping with clean- up.

Maria Betular-Wren; thank you for buying the items and organizing all the children's baskets. They were wonderful!

Miss Carin and Miss Neela; thank you as well for helping so much with clean-up.

Miss Julie and Miss J’; thank you both for taking my vision and making such beautiful artistic touches to the event.

Thank you to all volunteers who showed up to help the school.

P&C Art Show​

For the families with a P&C Artist: Be sure to mark your calendars for the P&C Art Show to take place in the four year old building on May 22nd. Your children have turned out some truly amazing creations this year. ​

Fiesta Days Parade

School is closed on May 29th but Parents and Children’s would love for you to join us at the Fiesta Days Parade here in La Canada.We will send information to you about where and what time to meet when we get closer to the day.We are always very lucky to have a big turnout of parents and children from our school wearing their spirit shirts or just wearing red.Show your school and community pride by joining us!

Summer Camp

We still have openings for ALL weeks of summer camp (weeks 1-3 only have T-TH openings).As we have stated before, please don’t worry about paying for all weeks up front.We gladly accept payment on the first day of the week your child comes to camp.When you sign up however, it will be reflected on your statement so we can keep track so don’t panic when you see your statement!!


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