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February News

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is always an exciting day for the children at Parents and Children’s. The kids love giving all their friends cards, whether they are homemade or store bought. To make it easier for the children and their teachers, we would appreciate it if you do not write the friend’s names on the envelope but instead just sign the cards and bring enough for all the children in class. It makes it less chaotic for your child to hand out their Valentine’s Day cards. Don’t forget, if your child is a M-F child in a class with both T-TH and MWF children they should bring enough valentines for both days. The class parties will be on Monday, February 13th (for the M-W-F and M-F classes) and Tuesday, February 14th (for T-TH classes and the M-F).

Pajama Days

We will be having the children’s favorite days of the year this month, Pajama Days! Let your children wear their pajamas for one or both days but please have them wear their sneakers so they can still run and play. Along with the fun we will also be trying to do some good for foster children by providing them with new pajamas and books. Look for the flyer coming home with your child. If you want to read more about the “Pajama Program” please visit their website

Fall Registration

Fall registration is on-going. If you are not returning and have not told Miss Marji yet, please do so. We won't take it personally, we just need to know!


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