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January News

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of you! We hope that your holiday season was filled with love and fun and that your new year is filled with peace, happiness and health. Thank you for sharing your Christmas cards with us! They have been hanging in the office window and we are sad to see them go! Also thank you to those who shared your thoughts, your home cooking and your kind gifts. The staff is completely refreshed and ready to welcome your children back. We know you are ready to have them back with us as well!


Registration forms are being sent home Thursday, the 12th and Friday, the 13th. They are due back by January 20th along with your registration fee. Take the time to read the information sheet and the registration form to be sure about your plans! Please remember that your enrolled child and their sibling have priority registration so whatever you have asked for (amount of days), you will have!


Parents and Children’s will be closed to the students on Friday, January 27th for our parent-teacher conferences. This is a time to sit down with your child’s teacher to see how your child is progressing and to ask any questions that you might have. Don’t be afraid! It’s actually fun and can be insightful. Please call to schedule your appointment (each appointment is twenty minutes). We need you and your child’s teacher to be able to discuss things freely so your child is not allowed to come with you. The school does not provide childcare. If childcare is an issue, we have had parents in the past arrange their appointment before or after a friend’s time. That way you can take turns watching each other’s children in our yard. Children will not be allowed in the yards unsupervised.

Please feel free to come and observe your child before the conference date. Simply come to the office and either Julie or Marji will take you to a place where you can observe your child unbeknownst to them.

Sports Wear Days

On Wednesday, January 25th and Thursday, January 26th let’s have a little fun! Have your child wear their favorite team jersey or if they don’t have one let them wear baseball hats, soccer shorts, cheerleading uniforms, etc. The staff will be joining in the fun as well!

Enrichment Programs

P&C Artists (Mon.), Sports Blitz (Wed.), Discovery Math, Spanish (Thurs.) and Music with Max (Fri.) are beginning new sessions this week. Phonics is ongoing and full. If you have an interest in any of these enrichment programs please inquire to see if there is space for your child. Also, if your child has been in a class and no longer wishes to continue please inform Miss Marji so their name is taken off the list.

Miss Barbara

As some of you know, Miss Barbara has been battling a strange illness since December. She is better and will recover fully but for now will not be returning until March from what it looks like. Miss Becky will continue to substitute for her as well as Miss Stephanie as needed. Send Miss Barbara all your positive thoughts and wishes! We miss her and look forward to her return.


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